Mario Rouillier the new CEO of Rouillier Drilling

Mario Rouillier the new CEO of Rouillier Drilling
18 December 2018


Amos, December 18, 2018
– Rouillier Drilling will be under the direction of Mario Rouillier starting in January. He will maintain his role in development as well as taking on new duties as the company’s President and CEO. The outgoing CEO, Serge Rouillier, has accepted the position of Director of Sustainable Development at Sayona Québec.

Serge Rouillier, who has helmed Rouillier Drilling for two years, was responsible for steering the project to move into and design the new building that became necessary when the firm expanded, managing its merger with Boreal Drilling and breathing new life into the company. He deftly accomplished his mission and fostered the company’s growth and positioning as a leader in the mining industry. His achievements are many, and Mario Rouillier speaks of them proudly.

“We were lucky enough to be able to count on Serge to direct important projects on his watch. We all recognize his primordial role in Rouillier Drilling’s progress, as well as the green innovations that he introduced. I’m happy for my brother because he is going to be able to take on challenges that match his skills and his values, and I wish him the greatest success in his new functions.”

Serge Rouillier’s move to Sayona Québec is a timely one. Rouillier Drilling is on an upward trajectory and has an effective structure that will allow it to take on the many promising projects that lie before it. Serge Rouillier has accepted his new position at Sayona Québec after successfully carrying out his mission at Rouillier Drilling.

“I have been very happy to contribute to the success of Rouillier Drilling. There’s now a solid team in place to continue its development. As for me, I’m a guy who likes a challenge, so I’ve decided to throw myself into a new project that is in line with my values and focussed on sustainable development.”

Mario Rouillier is pleased to be assuming his new responsibilities in early 2019 and, most of all, to be able to work closely with the close-knit, high-performing team already in place.